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My name is Kody Tesch and I have been teaching mathematics for the last 15 years from grades 7 through 12. I hold a master teaching license in the state of Iowa, USA, for mathematics grades 5-12. While I loved teaching math, helping students understand complex ideas, and problem solving at high levels, I continued to struggle with the restrictions of the education system and limits it puts on students. I believe every student is capable of learning at high levels but too often the system in which they are learning inhibits them from unlocking their own abilities and strength to reach their potential. In my search for more effective teaching pedagogy and learning structure, I came across Learning Success Coaches. Now, as a math Learning Success Coach I am finally able to meet student needs effectively and at high levels in order to help students unlock their own potential that is just waiting to blossom! As a math Learning Success Coach, I feel I am doing right by all of my students. I see incredible growth in my students and get to celebrate their successes and boost in confidence. This is how learning was meant to be done!


To help students become free of math anxiety and understand how they best learn so they may become confident and successful math students and lifelong learners.


To step out of the traditional education system as a Learning Success Coach and provide a truly personalized option for students to learn math at high levels of understanding.

How I Can Help

The learning environment with me as a math learning success coach is unmatched by any school, tutor, or education system. I work hard to create a fun, safe, and friendly learning environment where students are able to be themselves and be honest about their strengths and weaknesses. They will never feel embarrassment or shame for not knowing or understanding a math concept. Through my proven instructional practices I am able to get to the root of any misunderstandings or gaps and provide support and strategies to help students not only learn, grow, and improve in their understanding, but also grow significantly in their confidence, attitude, and outlook. I have truly had a blast empowering students by unlocking the knowledge and ability they already have within themselves.

Opening the books...

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My son was diagnosed with ADHD in third grade, and math was the area in which he struggled most.  When doing homework, he often displayed avoidance and negative self-talk, often calling himself “dumb”.  As a mom, I felt heartbroken and hopeless until he began working with Kody, a Learning Success Coach.  Upon working with Kody, his attitude toward math tasks took a dramatic shift.  Not only is his content knowledge of the subject improving, but I see greater confidence, resilience, and joy coming from my son.  This has improved our relationship and the dynamic at home when it’s time to complete schoolwork.  I simply cannot put into words how valuable the Learning Success Coaching with Kody has been for my child. ​

Sally Lopez, Pennsylvania

“Before starting this method of coaching, I didn’t have the confidence and thought I didn’t have aptitude for math, but Kody’s style of coaching has really grown my confidence and has helped me improve a lot in math. He explains questions thoroughly and in a way I can understand, and he is patient when I don’t. He challenges me in different ways, and I can think and talk through the questions with him and get to the answer with minimal help. I appreciate having Kody as my coach and enjoy working with him. “

Nika Haghi, British Columbia

Kody has done an excellent job with my son! He has been great to work with and my son is always in a better mood after his session with coach Kody! No more stressful, tearful, argumentative evenings with Kody helping not only with his math but his attitude and confidence! Thanks Kody! Highly recommended!

Kelli Hendricks, Iowa

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